Accommodation Service

This is a service provided by the University to help students in their search for a place to stay. The Office cannot guarantee full success at all times, but provides free one-to-one advice and information on what is available.

The Accommodation Service can assist you in several ways:

  • It runs a database with regularly updated vacancy adverts
  • It ensures a timely update (changes, deletions) of all information recorded in the database
  • It provides language assistance whenever applicants encounter difficulties in their contacts with letting agents or landlords
  • It provides basic information on tenancy laws and general guidelines on housing, procedures, etc. (

A Facebook group ( has been set up to enable students to contact others in order to form groups to share houses or flats or for those in existing tenancies where a flat mate has moved out to recruit an additional person.


SEMP (ex Erasmus) or mobility students seeking accommodation for the duration of their study semester in Lugano are invited to contact the Service by e-mail, for one-to-one advice: